Large IT Company


Industry: Information Technology
Location: Silicon Valley
Employees: 50,000


This global Silicon Valley company had undergone several changes in leadership over the last several years. Employee morale was low given the leadership instability and several waves of headcount reduction and restructuring. The company’s business strategy was unclear and profits were failing. After appointing a yet another new leader, the Board was concerned about the ability of the leader to quickly assimilate into the company, come up-to-speed on business issues rapidly, establish leadership continuity and build a strong pipeline of future leaders.

Talent Evolve Solution

  • Talent Evolve was brought in by the CHRO to help create an assimilation plan for the newly appointed CEO, create a robust succession planning process which included an evaluation the of current the leadership pipeline and bench strength of future leaders.
  • The CEO assimilation plan included an overview of the business and data regarding key talent in the company that could help bring the CEO up-to-speed quickly and effectively on the people side of the business.
  • The succession strategy for the Board included a review of the current state of the business by function, an evaluation of the current leadership vis a vis the business, an evaluation of current bench strength and targets for the future that would ensure leadership continuity.
  • Our solution also included recommendations on how to identify and accelerate the development of high potential talent in order to improve the leadership pipeline and build a strong cadre of future leaders for key roles in the organization.


  • A strong succession process plan and process linked to business goals.
  • High potential program curriculum to address key skill gaps such as “Global Leadership”, “Innovation”, “Thinking Strategically” and “Financial Acumen”.
  • Today, the company is on track towards profitability with a strong, stable leadership team at the helm and an an aggressive internal development plan that has helped build a pipeline of future leaders and improved morale and talent retention. The company also has the backing of a supportive Board that believes in the future of the company.

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