Financial Services Company


Industry: Financial Services
Location: East Coast
Employees: 15,000


This global financial services company was looking to redesign their human resources function for improved productivity and efficiency. The company felt that their HR department was fragmented with poor communication across teams and was finding it hard to fill critical positions in a timely way.

Talent Evolve Solution

  • Talent Evolve was brought in by the leadership team to help evaluate the current state of HR.
  • Talent Evolve began with the desired business outcomes and worked with all stakeholders to first understand what was working well within the HR function and areas for improvement.
  • Based on an analysis of current state and the desired future state, Talent Evolve identified the gaps and made recommendations on how to bridge the gap. Recommendations included  organizational re-design, process and program improvements and recommendations on talent to help improve the overall efficiency and impact of the function.
  • Essentially, Talent Evolve created a robust and comprehensive HR strategy for the company.
  • Talent Evolve also helped coach and consult the team as the HR function underwent the redesign.


  • A strong HR function that is better aligned to the business.
  • A comprehensive talent strategy for the company with a focus on delivering business results.
  • Today the HR function is acknowledged as a true partner to the business and an asset to the company. The function delivers high quality services, has greatly reduced time to fill critical positions and is strongly aligned to the business overall.

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