Cloud Storage Company


Industry: High Technology
Location: Silicon Valley
Employees: 1200


This pre-IPO company had now reached a size and scale where employees were asking the question “how can I continue to develop my skills and grow my career here?” The leadership team was concerned about retaining talent during a time of growth, expansion and a possible IPO launch. They also wanted to be able to hire great new talent but had to compete with the larger employer brands in the valley.

Talent Evolve Solution

  • Talent Evolve was brought by the Chief People Officer of this company to design, develop and help implement a strong Career Development and Internal Mobility (CDIM) program in order to ensure career growth for its current employees, retain key talent and attract the best external talent.
  • Our solution included a career value proposition that articulated the company’s philosophy on Career Development, the CDIM solution itself and supporting processes to facilitate career moves.
  • The CDIM program helped balance individual career development needs with the needs of the organization, integrated the company’s existing core values and reinforced important attributes of the unique company culture.


  • 25% increase in talent retention within the first six months of program implementation
  • Higher satisfaction score by employees in regards to career opportunities within the company
  • Increased ability to attract top talent from the outside as measured by the profile of the experience and background of candidates recruited

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