Bio Technology Company


Industry: High Technology
Location: Silicon Valley
Employees: 5500


This highly successful Bio Tech company with double digit growth over the last five years was looking for help in aligning their managers and employees towards common business goals for continued growth and success. They also needed help in defining and communicating the goals and improving communications and transparency in order to boost employee morale.

Talent Evolve Solution

  • Talent Evolve was brought in by the company’s leadership team to help articulate the company’s unique culture by working with the leadership team to define the values, mission, vision and business goals of the company.
  • Once these were defined, Talent Evolve helped create a communication and change management strategy, to help disseminate key messages across the company.
  • Our solution also included recommendations on how to “hardwire” the behaviors and responsibilities through the performance management process, succession planning process, selection criteria for new hires etc. so everyone in the company was clear about expectations and were aligned in terms of the overall company goals.


  • Increased satisfaction scores as result of better understanding of company direction, vision, values and mission of the company.
  • Ownership for company growth and improved productivity as measured by business results.
  • Better understanding of company values and behaviors and expectations by everyone in the company.

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